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Flying to Muscat

Oman Air is the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman and serves more than 40 international destinations in 25 countries.
For more information, please visit Oman Air at www.omanair.com

Visa information

All visitors to Oman must obtain a visitor visa prior to arrival except for some citizens who can get a tourist visa at the airport. Holders of work-permits in the Gulf Co-operation Council States can obtain a visa when entering from one of the land ports.

To identify the different types of visas, please visit the Oman e-visa platform.

Book your hotel

UFI Congress delegates are invited to book their hotel stay in one the two official congress hotels.

Crowne Plaza Muscat OCEC

Crowne Plaza Muscat OCEC is a business hotel, conveniently located within walking distance of the Oman Convention & Exhibition Center. The hotel is just five minutes from Muscat International Airport, surrounded by nature and a unique Wadi (a natural waterway), the property is a perfect destination for both business and leisure travellers.

Kempinski Hotel Muscat

Located in the modern community of Al Mouj, Muscat, and encompassing over six kilometers of stunning coastline, upscale award-winning Kempinski Hotel Muscat is an unparalleled 5-star luxury beach resort. Just 10 minutes from Muscat International Airport, the hotel is conveniently located for both leisure and business travellers.

  • The Welcome Reception will take place at the sumptuous restaurant and bar Zale at the Kempinski Hotel Muscat.
  • Private transportation will be arranged for UFI delegates to access the congress venue during the congress days from the Kempinski hotel.

Getting to OCEC

The OCEC location gives you modern convenience with its close location just 10 minutes away from the new Muscat International Airport.
It is just a 4kms drive from the airport to the OCEC either by Muscat highway or by Sultan Qaboos highway.

Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC)

H89G+88 Muscat, Oman

See the directions

Things to consider when visiting Oman


The climate of Oman can be described as subtropical dry, hot desert climate with low annual rainfall, very high temperatures in summer and a big difference between maximum and minimum temperatures, especially in the inland areas. Summer (June to September) is very low rainfall. Daily maximum temperatures can easily reach 40°C or more. Winter is cooler with occasional rainfall.


While dress codes are liberal, consideration should be given not to offend the sensibilities of others. Swimwear should be worn only on beaches or at swimming pools. When visiting shopping malls and other attractions, tourists should wear clothing that is not too tight or revealing. Certain attractions such as mosques or religious sites usually have stricter dress codes, requiring both men and women to cover up bare shoulders, arms and legs, and women to wear head-scarves.

Business Hours

Like most countries in the Gulf region, Oman’s official business week is Sunday-Thursday, with the weekend being Friday and Saturday. Banks, Embassies and Consulates are generally open from 8am-12 noon.

Credit Cards

Major cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Amex are widely accepted.


Omani Rial, equivalent to USD 2.597 pegged.

Money Exchange

Money can be exchanged at Muscat International Airport, money exchanges and banks. Always make sure to have your passport or ID when exchanging money.

Electric Power

220/240 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. Standard British-type 13-amp square three-pin plugs are used throughout the country. European or US-made appliances may need a plug adapter.


Alcohol is available in hotels, clubs and their restaurants and bars as well as in airport duty free shops. However, most restaurants that are not within hotels may not serve alcohol. Drinking in public places such as public beaches and parks is not permitted.

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