Post-Congress Tour Programme

Start the tour with a visit to The Grand Mosque the most exquisite Mosque in Oman. It can accommodate up to 20,000 worshippers and consists of a main prayer hall, ladies prayer hall, covered passageways, a meeting hall, and library which contains around 20,000 books. A major feature of the main prayer hall is the hand-made Persian carpet consisting of 1,700 million knots, Weighing 21 tones and made in a single piece measuring 70 x 60 metres. 

Women visiting the mosque are required to cover their head with a scarf and do not wear shorts, 
beachwear or sleeveless outfits as they are to be fully covered. 
Men are required to wear long trousers. 
No shorts are allowed. 

Then a visit Al Alam Palace. The palace is an architectural marvel for both its design and its location between the twin Portuguese forts Mirani and Jalali (A brief photograph stop from outside only).

National Museum is on the next stop reflecting the splendid Omani Heritage with a collection that includes traditional Omani Weapons such as swords, daggers, rifles & their accessories, along with jewellery, cosmetics & costumes from various regions of Oman.

We then visit Muttrah Souq – one of the most popular souqs in the Middle East. Take a walk in its labyrinthine alleyways beckoning with a myriad of merchandise, from imported fabrics to exotic Oriental spices, perfumes and richly handcrafted artefacts. A visit to this frenetic, pulsating hub of Muscat’s old quarter makes for a delightful experience. Here, scents of exotic Arabian perfumes and spices float through the air. Other shops specialise in famous Omani khanjars (daggers), antiques, traditional silver jewellery, and handicrafts in copper, camel bone, wood, leather and hand-made Omani costumes. 
We drive to Rozna Restaurant for lunch for an immersive experience of Omani cuisine in fine-dining.