UFI Xchange - Alibaba.Com, The Omnichannel Strategy And The Partnerships With The Trade Show Industry

2022-11-14 | 05:25 PM - 05:40 PM (GMT+04:00) Muscat | OCEC - Grand Ballroom C - level 1

Xchange sessionIf a company wants to play and be competitive in the b2b market, the omnichannel strategy is today the gold standard for success.
An omnichannel strategy provides buyers with a seamless, continuous and highly personalized sourcing experience, whether they’re buying online from a mobile device, laptop or in a tradeshow.

Alibaba.com can support the trade show organizers in creating a new value proposition for sellers and buyers that can generate new leads, a new revenue stream and enhance their global brand awareness.

During the session, Mattia Miglio, Director of EU Strategic Partnerships, will explore how the different physical and digital touchpoints can become part of an overall strategy.

Together they can support their customers to deliver consistent messages across different offline and online channels.

Finally, he will propose a new partnership model between Alibaba.com and the Tradeshow industry that can become an important asset to increase brand awareness, increase buyers and exhibitors leads, become a new revenue stream and create a new value proposition.s allow delegates to hear directly from specific players in our industry about their developments and insights relevant to the industry at large.