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Since joining RX Africa as senior digital marketing executive in 2017, Daniella Galante has been responsible for digital content creation and implementation on WTM Africa, Africa Travel Week and FAME Week Africa. In March 2022 Daniella became the proud recipient of the 2022 UFI Next Generation Leadership (NGL) Grant. The NGL Grant is a talent acceleration programme which rewards young professionals in the exhibitions industry who have shown clear initiative in driving change and innovation. In May she was promoted to digital marketing and creative manager, capping a remarkable month for her career.Daniella’s passion for events started when she was at university organising all on-campus events, as part of the student body. With a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and an honours degree in BCOM Business Management from the University of South Africa in hand, she went on to do an internship at one of South Africa’s biggest youth radio stations, 5FM. Here she worked on music festivals and events around the country before moving into PR planning and organising product launches, red carpet events and activations for some of Africa’s biggest brands and high-profile personalities.During her five years at RX Africa, she has had the privilege of working across a variety of industries including décor and design, food and beverage, health and fitness, travel and tourism, and film and music.In her spare time, you can find Daniella cycling through various parts of the country or crossing the finish line of some local races. This truly ambitious individual loves learning and would like to further her education by completing her master’s in business administration.

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