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Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events

Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events

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Gielissen crafts strong visual experiences. To tell real, raw and powerful stories. To bring brands to life. Your brand, your story, told with more compelling conviction than ever before. Our talented people breathe life into interiors, exteriors, events and exhibitions. Pushing the boundaries of possibilities, igniting imaginations and adapting at lightening speed. We listen to you, see the opportunities, imagine the big picture right through to the tiniest details, think before we act and get things done on time. To get the results you need. We build interactions for clients around the world, managed from our local offices and facilities. We all have stories, tell them right and they strike a chord. We are Gielissen. Building Unforgettable Stories.

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Paul D'Souza
Paul D'Souza Account Director
Han Toebast
Han Toebast Chief Growth Officer
Owen Barendregt
Owen Barendregt Account Manager
Jose Schaap
Jose Schaap Account Director
Andre Hoeben
Andre Hoeben CEO

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